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sneak peek of what’s in store for next week!!….. | CT Wedding Photographer

TGIF!!!  here’s a sneak peek of what’s up for next week on my blog to get ya’ll thru the weekend my friend Shannon’s cousin Kristen and her new hubby Patrick.  she looks like a gorgeous princess!! Maria and Brad’s Surf City, NJ wedding with fairy wings, dragons, and sparklers!!  shot for Alicia of No Eye Has Seen […]

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Thanks for the teaser. Kristen looks fabulous! I can’t wait to see them all. When is the next dinner? Mike is ready to get some good food going! …Jamie

Sahar + Chris on the farm | CT Photographer

miniature bulls + cowboy hats + farmhouse + classic Chevy Chevelle + American Gothic = a kickass FUN engagement shoot with Sahar and Chris!!! :)  we did the shoot at Chris’ cousin Bobby’s farmhouse in Middle Haddam, CT.  Bobby has two mini bulls that he rescued…Jellybean and Sidewinder……and a HOT classic Chevy Chevelle tucked snuggly in his […]

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Sid, FANTABULOUS pics yet again! Love the farm scenes and the red shoes! Cute couple too! SO fun! :)

Cats Limited Veterinary Hospital | website photos | CT Photographer

last month i had the purr-pleasure of spending a day photographing the hospital and wonderful staff at the Cats Limited Veterinary Hospital in West Hartford, CT.  if you have cats, they should be going here!! :)  my cats have been patients at Cats Limited since we moved to CT in 2005.  the hospital is impeccable and the […]

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Sidney! These are incredible! What an amazing cat hospital. I can’t believe it. I have seriously never seen anything like it. Those townhouses! Sigh…I wish I could bring Benny there. (Too far from where I live, but…) Total bonus that there are no dogs in the waiting room to scare the be-jesus outta my cat! Beautiful photos, Sidney. They must be thrilled! So many beautiful cats, too. =)

thanks, Eileen! every vet hospital should be like Cats Limited! i always feel confident and comfortable taking my cats there…that my “kids” are in good hands! :)

Carol Ann Johnson

I’m Mandy’s Auntie and her #1 fan. Mandy’s love for animals knows no boundaries. She’s at the PERFECT place. If only all of us could find our PERFECT places of employment.

I’m a dog owner myself and live in Florida…BUT if I owned cats and lived in CT….this would be the ONLY place my cats would go when they needed care.


stuff up CLOSE :)

my new macro lens (Nikon 105mm) arrived today!!  WOOHOO!!! :)  so much for spending an entire day editing!  here are a few photos taken with the newest addition to the Sidney lens family i can always count on Aladdin to model for me fuzzy cat toy…can you smell the catnip??  some purrty rings…one was a gift, one was […]

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VERY cool macro shots – awesome work!

Boston Public Library Wedding | Boston Wedding Photography

the other weekend, i got to spend time in my favorite city (Boston) and shot an AMAZING wedding for the very talented and stylish Alicia of No Eye Has Seen Photography at the Boston Public Library.  we started the day with the bride and groom at the swanky Copley Square Hotel.  checkout these scrumptious details!!…..

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Beautiful details Sidney!

Sidney! Love these shots – great job – gorgeous wedding!

JoAnn (Joey) Lockwood

OMG Sidney!! I just had the pleasure of perusing your site! Your work is fantastic and I am truly, truly impressed. To be honest….I am blown away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your wedding photos are personal and tell such a story. Not staged. Your Mom bellies capture the wonder, excitement and mystery of life in development. I hope you’ll have photos of the finished product!!! The Travel portfolio should be exhibited on every brochure of their origin. You mix life with objects so beautifully, placed harmoniously and without pretense.

I wish you all the luck in the world (not that you need luck my friend) you are born to do this and I cannot tell you how happy I am for you!


love all the details – you did such an awesome job!!!

say what?!!? These are AMAZING! First–I am totally jealous of them having their wedding in the Boston Public Library. And second–these are seriously some of the BEST detail shots I’ve seen. Fo’ real. Awesome.

thanks so much for all the love!! :)

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