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Aladdin | March 30, 1998 – May 16, 2011

earlier this week i said goodbye to my sweet handsome Aladdin i adopted him when was about 5 weeks old.  he had the biggest batty ears when he was a baby he and his sister, Rajah, grew up in our little house on Beeler Street in Pittsburgh when i was in college at Carnegie Mellon.  Aladdin loved […]

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I’m so sorry for your loss Sidney, I know how hard it is to say goodbye. As you know I just lost my Sam after 16 years. Sending you hugs and kitty purrs. Xoxo

Monika Szymanska

What a touching story! Almost made me cry. I’m really sorry for your loss. But it seems like he had a wonderful life with you and left peacefully. The photo of you and Aladdin with a cone on his head is just priceless! I also love the last two photos.

Tracey Trifone

I was seriously tearing up by the end of these pictures. I know how hard it is to say goodbye. What beautiful memories you have of him :-) He was one very lucky kitty to have a mom that loved him so much.

Lucy Guiliano

I’m crying right now … so sorry Sidney.

Anthony DeCarlo | See the Light | Fashion Lighting Workshop

i’m so happy for and proud of my fellow CT photographer Anthony DeCarlo for starting his own photography lighting workshop!! Anthony is da bomb with lighting!!  his knowledge, experience, and the way he sees light just blows my mind!  Anthony, you are amazingly talented and i know you’ll have much success with your new workshop venture! […]

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Looks HAWT. ridic. Carrot!!!

Great post Sid. xo

OMG, you’re photography is just gorgeous!! I love all the behind the scenes pictures and how you captured the feel of this class!! I wish I could get married again just so you could take the wedding photos! THANK YOU, SIDNEY!!


wow thanks so much, Z!! that’s the best compliment ever!!! :) :)

Gosh, if the behind the scenes photos are this great, I can only image how the actual workshop photos are! These are amazing!

Looks awesome, great shots. Thanks for not making me look too much like a goof.

Turks and Caicos vacation!!!

oh how i miss the gorgeous clear blue warm waters and soft sandy beaches of Turks and Caicos!!!  i was there last month for a friends’ amazing Turks and Caicos destination wedding which you may have seen the sneak peak post earlier.  i’ll be posting more wedding photos soon!  here are some pics taken with […]

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