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earlier this winter i had the amazing opportunity to be a part of one of the most unique weddings i’ve done yet… Stacey and King’s Lao wedding at the Waterview in Monroe, CT.  i love weddings that involve traditions from the bride and groom’s culture or heritage.  Stacey and King combined customs from Lao, a bit of Thai, and American (“Western”) weddings.  here is Part One…

big thanks to my friend Anthony DeCarlo for shooting with me!:)


you look GORGEOUS Stacey!!!  gorgeous!!  you’re a lucky man, King:)

wondering why they have string wrapped around their wrists??  keep scrolling down and you’ll learn why!

STUNNING in her “western” dress!:)

love these sneaky shots Anthony got below as i was shooting the ones above:)

Stacey starts the day in her beautiful traditional Lao dress

in Lao tradition, the bride is embellished with gold jewelry to enhance her appearance and to indicate her status.

the custom is known as “bringing significance to the bride”

the “elders” prepare the alter for the ceremony.  the alter symbolizes a tree filled with offerings represented by the fruit.

the strings symbolize wishes that are blessed during the ceremony

Stacey is waiting for King to arrive with his “parade”

King and his family have to “parade” to the bride’s “house” to ask her family for her hand in marriage.

along the way there is clapping, singing, and road blocks setup by Stacey’s family for King’s family to negotiate

and give offerings of gold and money as dowry for the bride.

King and his mom attempt to barge their way thru (jokingly) without any offerings of gold or money:)

jewelry and money (checks) are presented by King’s parents as dowry which also

symbolizes honoring and validating the marriage

Stacey and King light the candles on the alters to call the spirits of their ancestors to join the ceremony

everyone holding the strings symbolize the blessings being received and that everyone is connected with each other

family and friends wrap string around Stacey and King’s wrists to symbolize their wishes and blessings for them

the fruit they hold in their hands represent prosperity and children

everyone touches the alter at the end of the “wishing ceremony” to symbolize they are all interconnected and that

everyone will be blessed by the alter, the offerings, and all the wishes and blessings

stay tuned for Part Two for the dancing, partying, and the “controversial” Thai gown:)

Nice work, Sidney! Love getting a glimpse of other traditions.

We are so happy with the way the photos turned out. I had a few friend’s whose hobby is beginner photography and they aspire to reach your level of skill someday.

Stacey & King

F a c e b o o k
l o v e   n o t e s